I LOCK IT GPS (Pre-Order)

199,00 169,00

  • Automatic opening and closing with dynamic spoke avoidance system
  • 110 dB smart alarm with integrated pre-alarm
  • Real-time alarm notification on your smartphone
  • GPS live tracking for highest security


Order I LOCK IT GPS now and you get a 30€ discount on the regulare sales price. The delivery is scheduled for the second quarter 2020.

I LOCK IT GPS combines all the practical functions of I LOCK IT classic and I LOCK IT+ and extends them for even more security.

The electronic bike lock offers the practical automatic mode. This detects when you approach or remove yourself. The closing or opening process then happens automatically. The whole process is supported by the patent-pending DSA-system (dynamic spoke avoidance system). Thus, the locking bolt goes past each spoke.

In addition to the comfortable functions, I LOCK IT GPS also has safety at its heart: the integrated 3D motion sensors detect every theft attempt and activate the 110 dB loud alarm to scare the thief. In addition, you will receive a notification in real time on your smartphone, no matter where you are.

And if a thief does not let go of your bike despite the alarm, then you can easily follow the current location of your bike via your smartphone.

The free I LOCK IT app is used to control I LOCK IT GPS. In addition to the automatic mode, this can also be used to manage the smart alarm, the sounds, the logbook, the emergency code or the “share with friends” function.

The integrated rechargeable battery has enough energy for a cycling season and warns you in time via the I LOCK IT app about a low battery charge.

A quality product developed and produced in Germany.

Standard functions


With the automatic mode, I LOCK IT automatically secures your bike for you.


A hardened steel locking bolt and the integrated theft alarm ensure a high level of security.


Never forget the key again – use your smartphone to control I LOCK IT.


With the plug-in cable or the plug-in chain, you can easily get double security.

Emergency Opening

I LOCK IT can always be unlocked thanks to your individual color code, even if your smartphone battery is empty.


With the I LOCK IT app you personalize your I LOCK IT to suit your individual needs.

Battery Life

The capacity of the lithium-ion battery supplies I LOCK IT for an entire cycling season.


With the I LOCK IT app, you can easily share your bike with friends.

Key Fob

The optionally available key fob allows the use of I LOCK IT completely without a smartphone.

Exclusive features

GPS Live Tracking

If an alarm has been triggered on your bike and your bike continues to move, the Live Tracking mode will start. You can use the I LOCK IT app to see where your bike is currently located.

Your I LOCK IT regularly receives its current position via GPS and transmits it via the mobile network to your smartphone. This works with I LOCK IT GPS even across borders across Europe.

Proximity Positioning Feature

However, GPS technology also has its limitations. An exact location can vary between 10 – 100 meters. To find your bike, for example, in a large area with many storage options, the Proximity positioning feature is used.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, I LOCK IT app tells you whether you are approaching your bike or on the wrong track.

Acoustic Signal Function

You have reached the location of your bike, but you can not see it anywhere? Use the acoustic signal function with the I LOCK IT app.

This causes I LOCK IT GPS to emit a 110 dB sound.

Whether your bike hides behind a wall or in a cellar, you will hear it!


Thanks to the dynamic spoke avoidance system, the locking bolt moves past each spoke. Powerful and secure!

Smart Alarm

The 3D motion sensor detects vibrations in all directions. The pre-alarm warns of unintentional shocks. In case of a theft attempt, an alarm with 110 dB volume is triggered.

Twice As Easy

I LOCK IT GPS can be used simultaneously with the smartphone and the key fob+. No reconnecting is needed!


The logbook records all events, such as opening and closing. Even during absence: If the alarm goes off, it will be saved in the logbook with the date and time.

Technical Data

  • Size: 160mm × 148mm × 43mm
  • Max. width of the wheel: 64mm
  • Weight: approx. 350 g
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, 2G Mobile network, GPS
  • Minimum system requirement: Android devices with at least version 5 and iOS devices starting at iPhone 5
  • Connectors: Micro-USB charging port
  • Housing material: impact-resistant and robust plastic
  • 8 mm hardened locking bolt

Included in delivery

  • 1× I LOCK IT GPS
  • 1× Battery (integrated in I LOCK IT GPS)
  • 1x SIM-Card (integrated in I LOCK IT GPS)
  • 1× USB-cable
  • 2× Flex adapters
  • 1× Mounting material
  • 1× Instruction manual

Delivery time

Shipping will take place in the 2nd quarter of 2020.



Pay attention to the compatibility of the accessories for I LOCK IT GPS!

I LOCK IT GPS is compatible with the key fob+ and the installation adapter+.

I LOCK IT GPS has a built-in SIM card with a data plan that is free for you for 2 years.
After 2 years the tariff can be extended for 3 € per month. There is no binding contract for you.

The plug-in cable and plug-in chain are compatible with all versions of I LOCK IT.